The Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home

Metal roofs are cost-effective roofing options with long lifespans that can save homeowners money over time. Plus, these customizable options can easily match a home’s architectural style!

Benefits of living in timber frame houses also include being fire resistant, energy efficient (reducing cooling costs), and low maintenance costs. Timber frames can also be an ideal option for people living in areas prone to wildfire as they can be quickly rebuilt after any fire incident occurs.


Metal roofs are designed to withstand even the harshest of climate conditions and can even be coated with reflective materials that help lower energy costs by keeping a building cooler. With little-to-no maintenance requirements required over their lifespan, metal roofing solutions make a lasting statement about style.

Metal roofing is an ideal choice for homes in areas prone to severe thunderstorms and hail storms, thanks to its durability. Furthermore, its lightweight nature allows snow and ice to easily slide off without leaving damage or leaks behind.

Misconceptions about metal roofs include their perceived ability to attract lightning during thunderstorms more readily than traditional asphalt shingles. But lightning strikes usually hit on the ground rather than roofs themselves and metal doesn’t attract more lightning than any other material used as roofing material.


Metal roofs are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners looking for long-term savings on energy costs and replacement costs, making them an appealing long-term investment with 30 year manufacturer warranties and longevity of 40 to 70 years making this type of roofing a smart long-term decision for any re-roof or new construction project.

Metal roofs offer several distinct advantages over shingle roofing that make it less vulnerable to mildew, moss and fungus. Their steep slopes help prevent pooling water that would accelerate its degradation.

Another way to prolong the lifespan of your metal roof is hiring a qualified professional contractor for regular inspections. This will ensure any minor problems are taken care of quickly before they escalate into more serious ones. It is also wise to trim any overhanging trees or branches which could add stress and strain onto the roof itself as this helps prevent debris build-up on its surface and cause unnecessary wear and tear over time.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing for your home can be an incredible energy saver, reflecting sunlight away and helping reduce utility bills while simultaneously keeping living spaces cool and comfortable.

One reason why metal roofs are energy efficient is due to their ability to reflect heat back out again – unlike shingles or other types of roofing material, metal does not absorb it, providing significant savings on energy bills whether in hot or cold climates.

Your choice of metal roof can make a statement about you and can serve as both fire- and rustproof protection. There are numerous options for metal roofing available today including steel (galvanized/galvalume), aluminum and copper; new alloys combine various metals for corrosion-resistance such as Zincalume for maximum longevity and weather resistance.

Low Maintenance

Metal roof maintenance should be undertaken regularly to avoid further issues from developing and worsening over time. Doing this early will allow problems to be detected early and resolved effectively so they do not worsen into major damages down the line.

With some effort and the proper maintenance practices in place, metal roofs can last long with little ongoing upkeep required. Regularly using a hose and soap (again following appropriate safety precautions), cleaning should take place around twice annually and an inspection for signs of rust should also take place at least every year – depending on its composition it may rust differently, therefore consulting the manufacturer is advised for specific care instructions.

As an added benefit, many homeowners find that metal roofs add significant value and increase resale potential of their home. Unfortunately, not everyone finds this style suitable; in some HOAs this form of roofing may even be prohibited altogether.


Metal roofing for your home is an investment that will yield returns for years. Unlike shingles which can crack, curl or rot over time, a metal roof is virtually impenetrable and won’t be affected by harsh weather elements like rain, hail or snowfall; termite infestation or rodent activity; heavy winds lightning and fire; making this choice one of the wisest choices available today.

Metal roofs offer many aesthetic options when it comes to design. Their aesthetic can range from rustic with vertical ribbed panels or “standing seam” construction, but can also blend in seamlessly with contemporary architecture and look like wooden shakes, slate, or clay tiles.

Aesthetics should always be kept in mind when selecting a roof for your new property, as prospective buyers will look for homes that are safe, energy-efficient and visually appealing. Metal roofing provides great value to any property and could potentially increase its resale value; for more information and an estimate contact a professional metal roofer today.

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